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2005-04-03 BF3 rd 1 Donington Pk race 2 - Barton Mawer 0009 900x620     2005-04-03 BF3 rd 1 Donington Pk race 2 podium - Barton Mawer 390x420

Barton had a successful season in the 2005 British Formula 3 International Series, the acknowledged breeding ground of future Formula 1 champions.

Barton Mawer is a proven winner in professional motor racing. He invariably achieves exceptional results in whatever car he's driving (see his motorsport CV and profile for details).

Unlike many racing drivers, he has the engineering knowledge, communication skills and sheer determination to deliver the best possible results - on and off the racetrack - for his team and corporate partners.

Barton is available to race or track-test any competition car, any time and anywhere.*


The most successful racing drivers have a sound understanding of their car's design and technology. This enables them to relate to their race engineer what the car is doing on the racetrack, so that appropriate adjustments can be made to improve the performance.

Barton's engineering background gives him a thorough knowledge of a car's strengths and weaknesses. He knows which components are liable to fail, and how to avoid over-stressing them.

His ability to assess set-up adjustments quickly makes him a valued test driver. When a car isn't going as fast as it should, he suggests likely causes and then works with the engineer to rectify the problem.


A crucial part of modern motorsport is the communication between driver and race engineer. By describing the 'seat of the pants' feel of the car to the engineer, the driver plays an important role in optimising the car's set-up.

Barton has worked with world-class race engineers to extract maximum performance from various cars on many racetracks in all weather conditions, under the intense pressure of competition.


Motorsport can be as hard on drivers as it is on cars - but when the racing gets tough, Barton keeps racing.

Regardless of how his car is performing or the track conditions, he puts in 100 percent effort from start to finish.

During test sessions, he works methodically through the painstaking fine-tuning that can make the difference between finishing at the sharp or blunt end of the field.

Having progressed through the motor racing ranks with shoe-string budgets, he understands the importance of avoiding unnecessary risks that can result in expensive damage or non-finishes.


Barton has a friendly and outgoing personality that's ideal for a corporate 'brand ambassador'.

The consistent demand by organisations and individuals for his high-performance driver coaching service is evidence of his exceptional people skills.

He enjoys explaining motorsport's complexities in simple terms to corporate partners and race fans.


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* subject to prior commitments.