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When you're ready to go motor racing in CAMS-sanctioned events requiring an observed licence test (click here for more information about OLTs), get a head-start by having your OLT supervised by Barton Mawer!

It's an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of motorsport from a professional driver with extensive racing experience in Australia and overseas.

You'll have the benefit of Barton's expert tuition as a high-performance driver coach, including:

  • race driving theory, such as 'lines' through corners;
  • the correct way to use the controls;
  • 'heel-and-toe' (manual gearshifts);
  • helmet, clothing and other safety equipment;
  • car preparation and set-up;
  • race meeting organisation, procedures and rules; and
  • simulated practice, qualifying and race sessions.

Throughout the day you'll have exclusive access to Barton. You can ask him everything about being a racing driver – even how to spray the champagne after you've won!

At first Barton will accompany you in your car to explain the correct technique as you drive around the circuit.1

During each track session you'll be able to communicate with him via in-car intercom.2 Afterwards he'll review how the session went, using data3 and video analysis.4

The result: at your first race meeting you'll have the confidence of having 'been there, done that'.

Barton is available to conduct OLTs on various days throughout the year at CAMS-certified racetracks and other venues.5


1 Passenger rides are subject to venue/race meeting regulations, and your car having a suitable passenger seat.

2 In-car communication is subject to your helmet having standard microphone and speaker sockets.

3 Data analyis is subject to your car having compatible data acquisition technology.

4 Video analysis is subject to your car having compatible video recording equipment.

5 Barton's travel and accommodation expenses for OLTs outside Greater Sydney are payable by the client.

Full terms and conditions are available on application.

Contact Barton Mawer for more information or to book your CAMS OLT.


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